About Us

We are a minority veteran owned company and our bags are made in the USA. If you, like many millions of other people, don’t like bee’s, bugs and flying summer insects gathering around the garbage pails then bugAway! insect repellent garbage bags are for you. There is no other bag like it. 

bugAway! garbage bags, the fresh scented garbage bags are the only garbage bag on the planet that naturally repels bees, fly’s, mosquitos, ants, gnats and many more of those flying, annoying summer insects.

Keep your employees, guests and your visitors safe from those annoying bugs that can sometimes hinder some one’s behavior due to their fear of bees and other flying insects that tend to gather around the garbage pails. 

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bugAway! bags will also help save you money:

Research shows us that most amusement parks, water parks, outdoor arenas and others need to change their garbage bags many times per day for two reasons…

1. So bee’s and bugs do not start accumulating.

2. So the smells of the summer garbage do not start to linger.

With bugAway! you will not need to change the garbage bags as often (thus saving money on buying so many bags) due to the lack of bees and insects gathering around the garbage pails. As they will be non-existent. That will also save you on labor hours as now you will not have to pay someone to change the bags as often as before. Even when storing garbage bags in a large room where it can sometimes be picked up later, the Lymonessa aroma will even keep those pesty crawling bugs away as well. And the bugAway! bags will leave your storage room smelling nice and fresh… and bug free! Call today! and get them before the season starts! The bags are available in Clear or Black We have various sizes available and we can customize any size bag. bugAway! It’s the only way!