About Us

We are a minority and veteran owned company and our bags are made in the USA. If you, like many millions of other Americans, don’t care for bees and bugs flying around your garbage bins, then bugAway! insect repellent garbage bags are for you. 

There is no other bag like it. 

bugAway! garbage bags, fresh-scented and durable, are the only garbage bags on the planet that naturally repel bees, flies, mosquitos, ants, gnats, and summer’s other swarming insects. This is a product that allows you to get serious about fending off bugs, but without having to use harsh chemicals like DEET.  

Spare your employees, guests, and visitors the nuisance of these insects. There is no better way than with our patented Lymonessa and garbage bag solution.  

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bugAway! bags will also help save you money:

Amusement parks, water parks, outdoor arenasthey need to change their garbage bags many, many times a day. They do this for two reasons. 

1. So bee’s and bugs do not start accumulating.

2. So the smells of the summer garbage do not start to linger.

With bugAway! you will not need to change the garbage bags nearly as often, and before you know it, you’ll be saving money. Meanwhile, the usual scene of bugs swarming the garbage and kids caught in the middle will be a thing of the past.

No longer needing to pay someone for the constant changing of bags, you’ll save on labor costs as well. Even in cases where garbage bags need to be stored for later disposal, the Lymonessa scent is specially formulated to keep pesky crawling bugs away. And the bugAway! bags will leave your storage room smelling nice and fresh… and bug-free! Call today! and get them before the season starts! The bags are available in Clear or Black. We have various sizes available and we can customize any size bag. bugAway! It’s the only way!