• What is bugAway!

bugAway! is an insect repellent garbage bag that naturally repels Bee’s Fly’s Mosquito’s Gnats and more. They are extremely effective and come in various sizes both black and clear.

  • What is Lymonessa?

    • Lymonessa is the US Patented 100% Botanical Insect Repellent Formula that is mixed in the bag making process for bugAway! garbage bags.  Lymonessa has a nice fresh fragrance that not only repels flying insects but keeps the crawling insects away as well.
  • Where are bugAway! bags made? 

    • Right here in the USA!
  • When was the US Patent issued for bugAway!

    • 2007
  • Are there any harmful chemicals in the bugAway! bags?

    • No.  bugAway! bags are made with 100% natural botanical products.
  • Can bugAway! bags be used in kitchen areas?

    • Yes.  bugAway! bags are safe around kitchen/food environments as well as environments that include children and pets.
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