“Based upon our work with the 3.0% and 0.5% Lymonella Bugaway trash can liners, I am able to say, with confidence, that these bags do indeed repel house flies, even under high fly concentrations, as compared to untreated trash can liners. I look forward to working with you and your staff again in the future.”
- Robert A. White Jr., Ph.D

“I have no question that casual use of these bags in an egg processing or holding area would have no negative effect on egg flavor. This conclusion is based on the rather severe nature of this test; 30 eggs exposed to 182.5 in2 in a 5 gallon closed container for 24 hours would be far more intense than usage of this material in an egg handling environment. Based on previous experiences with testing the ability of eggs to absorb environmental odors, I see no need, based on these preliminary trials, to warrant further more extensive research in this area.”
- Daniel L.Fletcher

“Repelling insect swarming, insect repellent, insect proof, insect-proof, bug away bags, bug free, bee free, yellow jacket repellent. The Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo has been using the “BugAway” trash receptacle liners for several weeks. For this period of time they have been incorporated throughout the park in various shelter and exhibit buildings, restaurants and general maintenance use. They have thus far proven to be comparable in every way to existing trash liners yet have added protection of the patented “BugAway” system at minimal additional cost. This feature was sought in repelling insect swarming activities prominent in trash storage areas.”
- Niko Radjenovic

“The Wildlife Conservation Society purchased your insect repellent bugaway trash bags for use during this summer’s peak attendance period. Society Maintenance and Guest Service staff report that the product worked remarkably well. Not only did they repel nuisance insects that congregate around food sources such as garbage pails and soda machines, but the “no zone” effect you referred to during your sales presentation also seemed to play a role in repelling squirrels.”


- James Morely